Review of Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and SoftwareCode: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software by Charles Petzold

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book takes you on a historical trip through the evolution that lead to the personal computer. from morse code and Braille, to 1s and 0s, to teletype, to bits and bytes, to assembly language to graphics…

It does get quite technical at a point, involving electronics (and a lot of it). Although it’s mostly about logic, need you to pay enough attention because the rest of the book will reference back to these components.

Might reference a bit to much to the ‘current’ evolution at the time the book was written/published (1999). But the basics of computers (how does a computer really work) have not changed, and that’s what this book is about.

A must read for everyone ‘developer or IT pro’.

I hope there will be a Code 2 one day.

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Telenet King met eigen iPhone 5C of iKing met toestel


  • je bent telenet klant (King aan 15€ ipv 20€)
  • je blijft 24 maand (i)King
  • het toestel is een iPhone 5C 16GB
  • prijzen eind oktober 2013



  • 45€ * 24 maand
  • + 99€ eenmalig
  • 1.179€

  • 15€ * 24 maand
  • + 599€ aankoop
  • 959€

King is goedkoper, maar iKing is toch beter?

Beide zijn gelijk qua sms en data.
Het verschil zit in de belminuten:
King heeft 150 belminuten ( 5 minuten per dag )
iKing heeft 300 belminuten ( 10 minuten per dag )

King met 300 minuten

Wil je toch 300 minuten bellen met King? Dan moet je 150 belminuten extra betalen. Per minuut betaal je 0,15€, dat komt op een totaal van 22,50 euro.
Bovenop het basis bedrag van 15€ kom je dan op 37,50€ uit. Nog steeds minder dan de maandelijkse bijdrage van iKing, maar…

King 150 minuten extra 

  • (15€ + 22.50€) * 24 maand
  • + 599€ aankoop
  • 1499€


Heb je genoeg aan 150 belminuten per maand, laat je niet vangen, je bent goedkoper af met King.

Wil je 300 belminuten per maand, kroon jezelf dan iKing.

Het kantelpunt is 211 belminuten. King met 211 minuten kost je 1178,60€ op 24 maand, tov 1179€ van de iKing.

System.IO.InvalidDataException: End of Central Directory record could not be found.

When using System.IO.Compression.ZipFile.Open on a rar file I got the InvalidDataException.

System.IO.InvalidDataException: End of Central Directory record could not be found.

I started recreating the rar files, but no luck. Instead of digging further I got on and found another library for extracting rar files. I settled on sharpcompressinstalled it, got code from the wiki and a few minutes later everything was running smooth. Only thing I had to change was to write the entry to a specific file instead of a folder.

Some Links:
sharpcompress on github
sharpcompress on
wiki with code

HttpResponseMessage with custom http code like 429

The HttpResponseMessage has a constructor that takes in a value of the HttpStatusCode enum. Most of the http status codes you need are available in that enum.

But what if you need to set the status code to a value that hasn’t been defined in the enum? You might have a Web Api that has a rate limit (throttling). In that case you may want to return 429 Too Many Request.

ReSharper logo

I installed ReSharper, now what?

The most important shortcuts

Alt+Enter: Quick fix menu when you are close to the squiggly lines.
Ctrl+Shift+R: The “Refactor This” menu
Ctrl+T: Go to functionality – just start typing (in CamelHumps you’ve got skills)


Official docs page can be found on the product page. The JetBrains .NET Tools Library contains plenty of helpful links to get to started and keep you going. It can be found at:

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts is what makes you fast. Print out the cheat sheet and put it close to your keyboard and monitor (yes, in between would be great).
R# v8 cheat sheet
R# v7 cheat sheet

Don’t want to read?

JetBrains’ own Hadi Hariri has a video on “Why ReSharper is Awesome”.
Only 12:33 minutes long.

What’s next

When you are comfortable with using R#, take some time to study the settings and their layers. Create your own settings file and put it up in the cloud somewhere so you won’t loose it.
Also have a team settings file that you share with the other developers in your team.